Three and Modern Car Technologies


Aside from the leading telecommunications and internet service provider in the United Kingdom, Three has also successfully integrated several of their patented technologies into our vehicles.

Three Navigation System

Your kid won’t annoy you anymore with questions such as “, Are we there yet?” or “How long till we arrive?” thanks to one of the pioneering navigation system by Three. The company has integrated a technological component into the vehicle, which isn’t just effective but also user-friendly, making it easier for your kids to understand and use it. Through an LCD screen, it can show the time, distance and the current location of your current vehicle. And for coordinates, you can use your 4G phone and connect to Google Maps.

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Voice-Activated System

Are your hands full enough that you can’t turn on anything in your vehicle anymore? With the voice-activated system integrated into the latest models of cars, you can easily ignite your car with just an easy command. And if you’re worried about other people trying to get their hands on your car, the system has the capability to only follow commands from your voice. With this system by Three, you can also change the music, open the back windows and decrease the fan level without removing your hands from the steering wheel and taking away your eyes from the road. If your car supports this system and you would like to get a new version of Three Voice-Activated System, contact Three customer service to get a free consultation.

Bluetooth Hands Free Car System

Even when you’re not drunk, authorities and other people strictly recommend you not to use your mobile phone while driving. But through the Bluetooth Hands Free Car system provided by Three, you can easily connect your phone to your car via a Bluetooth connection. Some of the kits available include the Parrot MKi9200. Through this system, your contacts in your phonebook will be synchronized with the car, allowing you to answer the call without the need to hold the phone itself.


Three V2V Communications

Three has integrated their V2V communication system in some vehicles. The system focuses on the motorists’ safety and has quickly became popular in UK. This technological feature allows vehicles to “talk” to each other to prevent any crash from happening. This communication will involve the sharing of important information, including the speed, position of your car. This safety feature will hopefully lessen car accidents and deaths in the near-future, especially for drunk drivers. As of today, Three continues on working and developing this technology and this year they are planning to launch a new version of the system. It is nore ready yet and if you want to know more about it you should contact Three customer service to know more.


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