Three and Modern Car Technologies


Aside from the leading telecommunications and internet service provider in the United Kingdom, Three has also successfully integrated several of their patented technologies into our vehicles.

Three Navigation System

Your kid won’t annoy you anymore with questions such as “, Are we there yet?” or “How long till we arrive?” thanks to one of the pioneering navigation system by Three. The company has integrated a technological component into the vehicle, which isn’t just effective but also user-friendly, making it easier for your kids to understand and use it. Through an LCD screen, it can show the time, distance and the current location of your current vehicle. And for coordinates, you can use your 4G phone and connect to Google Maps.

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Voice-Activated System

Are your hands full enough that you can’t turn on anything in your vehicle anymore? With the voice-activated system integrated into the latest models of cars, you can easily ignite your car with just an easy command. And if you’re worried about other people trying to get their hands on your car, the system has the capability to only follow commands from your voice. With this system by Three, you can also change the music, open the back windows and decrease the fan level without removing your hands from the steering wheel and taking away your eyes from the road. If your car supports this system and you would like to get a new version of Three Voice-Activated System, contact Three customer service to get a free consultation.

Bluetooth Hands Free Car System

Even when you’re not drunk, authorities and other people strictly recommend you not to use your mobile phone while driving. But through the Bluetooth Hands Free Car system provided by Three, you can easily connect your phone to your car via a Bluetooth connection. Some of the kits available include the Parrot MKi9200. Through this system, your contacts in your phonebook will be synchronized with the car, allowing you to answer the call without the need to hold the phone itself.


Three V2V Communications

Three has integrated their V2V communication system in some vehicles. The system focuses on the motorists’ safety and has quickly became popular in UK. This technological feature allows vehicles to “talk” to each other to prevent any crash from happening. This communication will involve the sharing of important information, including the speed, position of your car. This safety feature will hopefully lessen car accidents and deaths in the near-future, especially for drunk drivers. As of today, Three continues on working and developing this technology and this year they are planning to launch a new version of the system. It is nore ready yet and if you want to know more about it you should contact Three customer service to know more.


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Modern Technologies Used in Cars


Whether for the purpose of safety, convenience or entertainment, there has been a lot of innovative features added to our already modernized vehicles. Once the state-of-the-art electric ignition, airbags and automatic windshield wipers were the cutting edge of the past, is now something people take for granted. But as of this day, here are the auto-technological advances since the start of 2016.

1. V2V Communications

Last 2014, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration publicized that they’re going make way to enable V2V or vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology for vehicles. For this year, Famous and expensive car brands including Volvo, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, are now trying out systems that allow vehicles to “talk” to each other and their surroundings through NFC chips and integrated SIM cards. Their idea is to be able to notice obstacles and potential hazards before any human being can.

2. Navigational Systems

These navigation systems will guide you where you’re going, making the use of paper maps not important anymore. Each year navigational system improves on their features. Now they have real-time traffic information, local search and compatibility with other devices. One of the best navigational systems include the Audi’s MMI system, which has a Google Earth mapping, parking information and many more.  If you do not have built-in navigation system in your car, you can always buy a GPS unit from popular companies such as Garmin or TomTom. Feel free to call three customer service to get the best deals.


3. OLED Technology

Organic LEDs can be the next game-changer in vehicular lighting. OLEDs emit homogenous light which works both in the interior and exterior. These OLEDS are bendable and has a clean and slick design that can be integrated in curvaceous tail lights or the tiniest cabin accent lights. We’ve seen these equipped in design studios, but now it will be integrated into our own cars.

4. Laser Lights

You would ask, what do you use the laser lights for your car? It may not be available yet. But if it will be, it will be used for low-beam and high-beam applications to show the width of your car on the road, which aids in narrow lanes such as construction zones.

5. Camera

Manufacturers are now competing each other to make the best camera to be used in cars. Cameras being sold in the market today give the car owners a view of the front and back of the car. For the BMW’s Valeo, it has 3 to 5 cameras which show a panoramic video footage, especially when parking. On the other hand, the Infiniti Around View Monitor has 4 wide-angle cameras that will give the driver a 360-degree bird’s-eye view.


6. Inductive Charging

You have better things to do than fiddle with wires and find something to plug your electric car with. But through inductive charging, you will able to save both time and effort. Parking on the top of an inductive field skips that long process.

7. Access to Internet

It may not give you a complete access of the internet, but there are already systems available that allows you to access the internet via mobile phone technology. One of the pioneers of this technology is the Autonet Mobile. They use a portable router integrated with a 3G network to supply continuous signal, even in the most secluded parts of the road including tunnels.

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Safest Way to Buy an Oldsmobile


If you are reading this, then you must be interested in buying an Oldsmobile. While General Motors has discontinued this line of automobiles, they are arguably the best-looking cars to come off an assembly line. General Motors discontinued this line back in 2004 so you will need to do some homework to find dealers and individuals that have Oldsmobile for sale but don’t worry there is a pretty robust market out there. Throughout this conversation, we are going to provide you with some recommendations that will help make the entire experience pleasant so without delay it is time to begin.


How Do You Intend to Pay for the Oldsmobile?

GM does not make the vehicle or sell them anymore so you will need to look for private sellers and dealerships. Most banks and lenders out there will not finance the purchase of a car that is more than 14 years old but not classified as an antique or classic car so you will need to get creative with the finances. If possible, you should try to pay for the car on your so there is no need to get financing but that is not always possible given the current economic situation. Without a budget, you are going to spend more than what you can handle so have a number established before moving to the next step.

Locating the Oldsmobile of your Dreams

This is the step that will take the greatest amount of time but it can provide you with a considerable amount of pleasure. The first thing you have to do is look for dealerships in your area that have Oldsmobile vehicles in their inventory. A dealership is required to follow strict laws and regulations that private sellers do not so it would be in your best interest to look for dealerships whenever possible If you are not able to locate dealerships that are offering the Oldsmobile you want to purchase you will need to look in the private seller marketplace.


When you have identified the private individuals, who are selling the specific Oldsmobile you want to buy you will need to do some research to make sure they are trustworthy. We have all heard stories of people who got ripped off buying a lemon and while Oldsmobile is a great brand it does not guarantee the person selling the vehicle has properly maintained it. What you will need to do in this particular scenario is do some research on the Internet, look for reviews left by other people who have purchased vehicles or dealt with the seller in the past. While you are reviewing the feedback that these individuals have left it should become clear to you whether this particular person is ethical or should be avoided. Only if you are certain the person is ethical can you move forward and purchase the Oldsmobile just be sure to get adequate insurance to protect your purchase or you could be putting yourself in financial jeopardy.

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Tips to Follow When Purchasing an Oldsmobile


If you are thinking about purchasing an Oldsmobile, then there are a few questions that will need to be addressed before you can make a purchase but don’t worry we will help make the process easier. While GM stopped making Oldsmobile vehicles back in 2004, there are still in high demand in the aftermarket so we wanted to give you some helpful tips to make a better-informed decision.

Establishing a Budget Before Looking at a Vehicle

There are people out there who simply love the Oldsmobile and will overpay just to realize that dream. What you need to do is figure out how much money you can afford to pay out of your pocket to make the purchase a reality. The primary reason you need to pay out of your pocket is the Oldsmobile brand is now defunct so there are no dealerships or financial institutions that will finance the transaction. After you have reviewed your budget, you can start looking at the different models that are being sold.


Project Car or One in Pristine Condition

An important decision to make is whether you want a project Oldsmobile to work on or do you want one that is complete and in pristine condition? The only challenge with the project cars is finding parts for it in the aftermarket, as time progresses it will become more difficult to get replacement parts so this is something that you will need to take into consideration. If you are going to purchase an Oldsmobile in pristine condition, there are a few things you should be on the lookout for to reduce the chance of being disappointed.
First, perform some research on the person that is selling the Oldsmobile you want to buy, do they have a good reputation? The Internet makes doing research quite easy so go online and type in the name of the person or company selling the Oldsmobile you are thinking about buying. If there are bad reviews no matter how trivial they may seem, you should not deal with that particular individual. If you are not able to find anything online, then you should do a careful assessment of the vehicle. Does the vehicle look well maintained? Does the prospective buyer have all of the documentation on hand to facilitate the purchase?


You would be amazed by the sheer number of individuals who do not have the required paperwork i.e. registration on their vehicle. There is no point buying an Oldsmobile or any other vehicle if you cannot get the registration otherwise you are setting yourself up for disappointment. When everything seems to be fine, it all comes down to the price. Everyone expects some haggling but you should have a maximum price in mind before these negotiations and do not exceed that amount. If you have the budget in place, then your odds of exceeding your budget will go down dramatically. If you have followed the tips that we have outlined, then you should be able to get the Oldsmobile of your dreams without any major problems.

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